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Introduction. The article in discussion form addresses issues regarding names of military departments of therapy and military surgery Ukrainian military medical Academy and of the relevant disciplines in these departments. In the historical aspect of the evolution of views on these names (of military field surgery, military surgery, military-field therapy military therapy), ranging from M. I. Pirogov, V. A. Oppel, S. S. Yudina, ending with the formation of the relevant departments and disciplines in the organization of the Ukrainian military-medical Academy.

Purpose of the study. To consider the issue regarding names of military departments of therapy and military surgery Ukrainian military medical Academy and of the relevant disciplines in these departments.

Materials and methods. The study used historical and bamoueni methods for full disclosure of essence of the studied concepts.

Results. Both the term "Military-field therapy, and Military therapy" have the right to exist, has been used at different times in different ways. As for us, it is more correct today, given the name of the Department name of discipline, to use the term "Military treatment", because the Department, in addition to the classic military field therapy (lesion of ionizing radiation, destruction of toxic substances, biological factors, and the like) are studied in many other disciplines: 24 discipline for students of the faculty for training military doctors; 23 discipline for the faculty of retraining and further training (specialization, thematic improvement, by 2020, pre-cycles) and 12 subjects for nursing (specialization, thematic improvement). In addition to the military courses in the Department W are taught the "peaceful" discipline: cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, Hematology, rheumatology, psychiatry and narcology, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, laboratory diagnostics, functional diagnostics, and more. That is, the term "Military treatment" is broader than the term "Military-field therapy".

Conclusions. Summing up considered, it is necessary to pay tribute to the leaders of military medicine in the formation of Military-medical Department at Ukrainian state medical University named after Bogomolets (later UWMA) and specialized departments, called their respective departments of military surgery and military therapy. If the phrase "military field" was already deprecated.And. Oppel and S. S. Yudin almost 100 years ago, if M. I.Pirogov, who proposed this term, did not use it himself, if the chief therapist of the Red Army MS  At all, the chief therapists of the fronts, army therapists of the Second World War almost did not use it, if the founder of Russian clinical medicine M.Ya.  Mudrov spoke about "military therapy" almost 300 years ago, and our prominent compatriot A. Charukovsky at the same time spoke about "diseases of the army", and how can we be with future NATO partners, if they, and nowhere else in the world, no longer  the term "military-field" is used and has no military-field surgery and military-field therapy, except for some former republics of the USSR and the countries of its satellites, which appropriated and "betrayed" it, whether we should return to the former names and disciplines.  that do not exist?  And his admiration for the genius of MI  Pirogov and respect for his personality will be expressed not in the preserved term "military field", but in another - in the further development of military surgery and military therapy.


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