• O. P. Shmatenko Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • O. P. Nikolaychuk Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • A. M. Solomenniy Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • A.Ya Burka Navy Command of Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • O. V. Goliuk Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region
  • D. S. Volokh Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
Keywords: medical supplies, Naval Forces of Ukraine


The article is devoted to issues of providing the Naval Forces of Ukraine with medical equipment and equipment in a peaceful special period and theoretical substantiation of the ways of its further improvement.
The article used scientific publications on the subject, own practical experience of the medical support of surface ships in different conditions of their activities, proposals and practical experience of the personnel of the Navy in the modern conditions of the revival of the naval potential of the state. Research methods: systematic, documentary, bibliosemantic and content analysis.
The main goal of organizational measures in recent years was and remains to integrate the medical service of the Ukrainian Navy into a single territorial system of medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For this purpose a complex of forces and means was created at the naval bases (WMB) and points of charge of the Military Medical Clinical Center (WTCC) of the Southern Region (Odesa), which allows the medical support of the whole contingent of the Ukrainian Navy irrespective of the species and departmental subordination.
Maintenance of the MM and the technique of the Naval Forces of Ukraine is carried out with the aim of full and continuous satisfaction of the needs of ships, shipbuilding and coastal areas for the provision of medical care to the wounded (sick) and their treatment, sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic measures, as well as measures of the medical protection service personnel from the ZMU.
The provision of the Naval Forces of Ukraine MM and equipment includes measures to determine the need for them, reclaim, transport, record, store, issue, correct operation, repair and decommissioning, taking into account the special conditions of activity of the fleet forces.


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