• O. P. Shmatenko Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • A. M. Solomenniy Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • O. V. Podlesnyj Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  • S. P. Snezhinsky Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
Keywords: logistics of stocks, warehouse logistics, quality management system, proper practices.


The article deals with the current state and main directions of the development of logistic management of stocks in medical warehouses and medical supplies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general. It is determined that the current state of medical supply requires the development of a perfect quality management system based on the experience of NATO member countries, the European Union and the development of the World Health Organization in the pharmaceutical sector.

The purpose of our research is to develop normative requirements and implement the QMS on the basis of international pharmaceutical industry standards, as well as to determine the main directions of optimization of the system of medical treatment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within the framework of good practice and logistic management of stocks.

Materials of research: foreign and domestic scientific literary sources, current legal and regulatory framework.

Research methods: bibliographic documentary and systematic review.

At present, there was an urgent need for the formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the need for the implementation of the IUU, which is an integrated system based on the requirements of regulatory documents of various structures and departments, as well as orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MOH) of Ukraine, manuals, standards (DSTU, ISO 9001), good practices in pharmacy, such as: GDP (Good Distribution Practices), GSP (Good Practice of Storage), etc.

Taking into account the world experience in the implementation of QMS, it is advisable to identify officials in the medical supplies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who should be responsible for the functioning and construction of the XYU, namely the Chief of the Military Medical Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the head of the medical department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, deputy chiefs of military medical clinical centers for medical supplies, commanders of units, divisions and institutions of medical service, authorized persons of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Conclusions: As a result of our research, literary sources in the field of logistics were studied. It has been established that the full development of logistics management in the pharmacy of Ukraine began its formation in 2009. But, unfortunately, at the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still does not provide for the possibility of efficient inventory management. The objective reason for this is the lack of a modern material and technical base, computer equipment, advanced technologies and immaturity of staff in the field of pharmaceutical logistics. However, with the introduction of such elements of logistics management as QMS, stock logistics, GxP family standards and international standards, with the advent of modern computer technology and improved development of civil logistics, new opportunities will be created for inventory management in the medical service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which will be adapted to NATO standards, which will be emphasized in our further study.


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