Value orientations of students as a necessary background for the formation of a competent military medical specialist

Keywords: life values, value orientations, inner harmony, personal improvement, professional growth, active life position


Introduction. The formation of a competent military medical specialist is a complex process, which is determined not only by the sum of the acquired professional knowledge, skills and abilities, formed competencies, but also by the system of value orientations, value consciousness of a young specialist. The process of value education of the military, military physician in particular, is included in the strategic interests of our state.

The purpose of the study was to determine the value orientations and life priorities of the first-year students of the UVMA to further stimulate their development or carry out correction during their studies at the UMMA.

Materials and methods. In the study, a questionnaire of 18 statements about personal value orientations was used. 119 students of the first course of UMMA took part in the survey. Statistical analysis of the data was carried out using the methods of variation statistics, correlation (Spearman's correlation coefficient), cluster and stepwise discriminant analysis using the STATISTICA 13.3 software package. License AXA905I924220FAACD-N.

Results. Analysis of the established values of the students displays that the students possess natural values of an average young person (the primary values of the students are physical and mental health, happy family life, love) with no interest in entertainment, creative activities, beauty of nature and art. The research results allow to conclude that young people at the beginning of their studies at the UMMA are still awkward in the military surrounding that is new to them. The students in accordance with their values established through k-means clustering rating were divided into two groups under the key priorities; ratio between the number of students in the first and second group is 1:2. Representatives of the first group are seen as active, independent in their actions and opinions, oriented at self-development, professional growth, broadening of their horizons with rather egoistic display of the priorities. The first group currently prioritises health (physical and mental), productive life (maximum exploiting of opportunities, powers, abilities), development (self-development, constant physical and mental development), freedom (independence in opinions and actions), self-confidence (inner harmony, freedom from internal contradictions and doubts). Studies at the Academy are viewed as a basis for realisation of their life plans. The choices made by the second group witness that their values are concentrated at healthy, family-like, wealthy, moderate life. Military service may be considered as a basis and necessary source of such way of living. Given that active life, creative activities are not important for them; and interesting job, self-development, productive life with exploiting of abilities and opportunities are of non-significant value, one may presume that they are prepared to do repetition work, follow the orders. These are the people of "a team", they value the collective, its principles and public opinion. The values system in this group is more stable as compared to that of first group and is potentially more adaptable to the external changes.

Conclusions. The system of value orientations of listeners is at the stage of its completion. When organizing the educational process, special attention should be paid to the formation of an active life position in students, focused on a responsible attitude to their own professional growth and social life, the formation of national-patriotic feelings.

Author Biographies

I. S. Trinka, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy

Colonel of Medical Service, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the department of Aviation, Maritime Medicine and Psychophysiology

V. V. Kalnysh, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Aviation, Maritime Medicine and Psychophysiology

N. I. Mudryk, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Aviation, Maritime Medicine and Psychophysiology

O. V. Chyslitska, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Scientific and Organizational Department


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Trinka, I. S., Kalnysh, V. V., Mudryk, N. I., & Chyslitska, O. V. (2021). Value orientations of students as a necessary background for the formation of a competent military medical specialist. Ukrainian Journal of Military Medicine, 2(1), 75-86.
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