Theoretical aspects of defining the risk-based approach in the operation of sanitary and epidemiological institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in compliance with sanitary legislation

Keywords: health risk, health risk management, risk-based model, sanitary and epidemiological well-being  of servicemen


The purpose: analysis and generalization of literature data on the definition of the term "risk" and "risk-oriented approach" and its application in the practical aspect of the activities of sanitary and epidemiological institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for compliance with the requirements of sanitary legislation.

Materials and methods: We used research methods (dialectical, historical, empirical, observation, comparison, dialectical, systematization, modeling, generalization). The study of the regulatory and legal framework, practical experience and foreign literature, representing the entire range of issues on the subject of research, has been carried out.

Results. In the article, the authors analyzed the theoretical foundations of the concept of "risk" and "risk-oriented approach". It was reported that the transition to work on a "risk-based approach" will contribute to: increasing the effectiveness, unification and standardization of control and supervisory activities; implementation of a differentiated approach to conducting inspections of compliance with legal requirements, taking into account the potential risk of harm to the health of servicemen.

Conclusions. The definitions of the concepts "risk", "risk-oriented approach" and their modern interpretations are analyzed. The importance of using a risk-oriented approach to organizing activities for compliance with the requirements of sanitary legislation is shown to ensure sanitary and epidemiological well-being of personnel. This makes it possible to identify priority risk factors, optimize the activities of epidemiological institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, assess risks and, on their basis, make management decisions


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