• V.Ya. Belyi
  • М.І. Badiuk
  • A.V. Verba
  • Ya.L. Zarutskyi
  • A.P. Kazmyrchuk
  • V.L. Savytskyi
  • O.I. Lashin
Keywords: military conflicts, health care system, levels of care


The article highlights the view of the authors on the system of
organization of medical support of the Ukrainian Defense Forces
and identifies a number of urgent problems that need to be
addressed at the organizational and legislative levels. Questions
of terminology are considered, definitions of individual terms are
given and their semantic load is specified. The authors examined
the levels of medical support provided by the defense forces, the
qualitative characteristics of medical assistance during the stages
of medical evacuation, its volume and content, options for
enhancing medical care and features of medical rehabilitation of
the wounded. The variants of organization of medical support of
the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the conditions of low-intensity
armed conflict and the local war - high-intensity conflict are
The aim of the study. Based on the analysis of the medical support
of military operations of units, units and units of the Armed
Forces and other military formations in the course of the ATO
(OOS), develop proposals for the creation of a medical system of
the Ukrainian Defense Forces by reorganizing the military medical
units and improving their use.
Object of study: system of medical support of the Ukrainian
Defense Forces.
Subject of research: organization of medical care for wounded and
injured servicemen.
In order to develop and implement a functional and structural
model of the MoH Defense Forces, it is necessary to consider the
terminology issues that will be used in the regulatory documents.
Several generations of military and civilian physicians have
mastered Soviet terminology, at that time clear, that does not
allow for dual interpretations. Therefore, now that Ukraine is
reorienting to NATO standards, there is a difficult transition that
needs to be defined in separate terms and to clarify their meaning.
This will prevent many misunderstandings and artificially created
The above material is information for discussing and deciding on
the creation of a modern system of medical support for the
Ukrainian Defense Forces.


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