Approaches for optimisation of pelotherapia of servicemen: recommendations for physiatrists

Keywords: military personnel, therapeutic muds, peloids, peloid products, rehabilitation, Dnipropetrovsk region, Zaporizhzhia region.


Introduction. A successful problem addressing, imposed on the medical service, requires a high-level supply of domestic military personnel with the widest possible range of preventive and curative measures, including of the
natural origin. Ukraine sets the leading position among European countries for the level of valuable natural curative resources the richest considered to be Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions, which defined the subject of research. According to screening analysis, the nature of the formation of natural resource potential in these regions remain unclear, the summary data of the robust possibilities of curative-rehabilitation of military personnel (by natural origin means) at resort therapy and out-of-resort territories is not structured.
The purpose: to extend possibilities to optimise the use of recreation potential of South-Eastern regions of Ukraine in places of possible deployments of military personnel.
Materials and methods. We used general scientific and systematic survey methods of information search, including screening analysis, categorisation and interpretation of search results and marketing researches.
Results. For the first time, we conducted a comparative quantitative and qualitative assessment of the highenergy balneo-mud sources as part of the recreation and natural resource potential of Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. We looked into interrelation or identified peloid resources with inpatient treatment possibilities at rehabilitation facilities of resorts on the territory of mentioned regions. On a piecemeal basis, we highlighted the results of the marketing research of balneo-mud therapeutics as segments of the pharmaceutical market. We scored down the fact of market saturation by countries of origin, variety and possible pharmaceutical form. We outlined obvious advantages of peloidal formulations in comparison to dilutions of native mud, properties of which are identical. We distilled the most interesting headings for possible expansion of military personnel rehabilitative treatment range, especially at dislocation points, which is understandable and appropriate.
Conclusions. Comparative assessment of the relevant resources in selected regions showed certain similarities between the types of mud mineralisation (sulfide silt) and the corresponding range of curative and rehabilitation services within health resorts located on these territories. We carved out balnearies and other health care facilities which specialise on servicing military personnel, participants of Joint Forces Operation (JFO). We pointed out that during the exceptional time such facilities must be transformed into military hospitals and be used as intended. Numerous cases of successful rehabilitation (post-use of native muds or peloids course) of the consequences of military injuries, wounds of various aetiology, fractures, surgical incisions, protracted severe diseases, were analysed from a cause-and-effect view. Listed example cases are not limiting the curative peloid potential as a supportive therapy, which in its turn defines the applicability to develop new pharmaceutical products on its basis. We consider it is reasonable to continue the research, which will allow extending deployment limits of therapeutic and recreational resource of each region in Ukraine. This will minimise the subacute rehabilitation period and allow servicemen to step back to the service. Presented information proves that fangotherapy must remain an essential part of the rehabilitation programme for military personnel, especially in modern momentous conditions.


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