Anatoliy Mikhnov's Book "Essays on military field therapy" and the present time

Keywords: military field therapy, etiopathogenesis and therapy, cardiopulmonary insufficiency, alimentary dystrophy


The purpose: To consider separate chapters of Anatoly Mikhnev's book "Essays on military field therapy" and, if possible, to give the vision of urgency of some problems raised by the author of "Essays", from the up-to-date point of view.

Materials and methods. The study used historical and bibliosemantic methods to fully disclose the relevance of some issues raised by AL Mikhnev in the book "Essays on military field therapy" in terms of today.

Results. A. Mikhnev's fundamental views on the etiopathogenesis and therapy of acute wartime bronchitis, some features of croupous pneumonia and its treatment with intravenous sulfidine, pathogenesis and treatment of pulmonary purulent processes, pathogenesis and therapy of cardiopulmonary insufficiency and cardiopulmonary disease and nutritional dystrophy, as well as treatment of malaria with intravenous quinine remain relevant today.

Conclusions. Since therapists and physicians of therapeutic profile take an active part in the provision of medical care to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in eastern Ukraine (most sanitary losses in this war are losses of therapeutic profile), Mikhnev's fundamental views on etiopathogenesis and therapy of combat therapeutic pathology are important and relevance. Of course, this is a well-established fact - a number of internal diseases have certain features that depend on many factors (from the theater of operations, their intensity, the use of modern weapons and military equipment, conditions of service and life of servicemen, etc.). Mikhnev AL draws attention to the fact that the living and working conditions of soldiers and commanders of the active army during the Second World War "reduce the body's overall resistance and weaken its strength in the fight against infection. This circumstance significantly affects the nature of the pathological process, changing the clinical picture of a number of diseases, making it diverse, giving new qualitative manifestations in the interaction of pathogens with the macroorganism. Such features are still present, and their study and impact on the health of servicemen, and on the course of diseases - is one of the tasks of the military medical service. An example of such a study is the book by A.L. Mikhnev "Essays on military field therapy."


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